Utility Detection

Site wide utility detection and mapping, Single service tracking, location of water, gas and electricity mains/feeds, Area clearance prior to building, Drainage surveys, draw pit/ pull pit surveys, magnetometry, route surveys, water leak detection, Air side surveys, PAS128 surveys.

Topographical Surveys

Basic topographical surveys, Full 3D topographical surveys, Boundary surveys, planning applications, elevation surveys, watercourse/ hydrology surveys, Tree surveys, Laser scanning and photogrammetry

CAD Services

Record digitization, Drawing compilation and production, Plotting services, Combined drawing and statutory record packages, Statutory record acquisition, utility plan acquisition, Desktop studies and surveys.


Pipe condition assessments, collapse location, tree root location and cutting, structural condition surveys, jet-vac services and waste disposal, Blockage location, Manhole inspections, Manhole inspection sheets, STC25 cards.

e-Spott Core Testing

The e-Spott is an advanced ground Probing radar system designed specifically to measure the total bound layer depth of roads and other layered surfaces. Once the operator has activated the system by pressing the one and only button, signals begin to be transmitted into the ground. Reinstatement testing, tarmac Layer thickness testing, Runway thickness testing, Pavement testing.

GPR Surveys

GPR survey, Concrete scanning, Rebar location and mapping, Void surveys, Cellar location, Badger Sett mapping, location of buried structures and foundations, Buried manhole and tank location, Location of UEO (un-exploded ordnance).

Consultancy Services

Feasibility studies, route planning and mapping with design and management, Permit application, Permit to dig systems, Liaison services, Design and management, Asset management.

Electronic Trial Holes

Want to reduce costs, time, traffic disruption and safety risks? Want accurate drawings highlighted the precise location of all utilities for future scheme planning purposes?Adien’s radar-based ‘Electronic trial hole’ utility detection system is proven alternative to labour intensive excavation methods virtually eradicating safety, disruption, NRSWA administration and environmental concerns!

Vacuum excavation

The benefits of Vac Ex are profound, provided it is deployed effectively with regard to the prevailing ground conditions, in areas of very densely populated utilities the Vacuum excavator can operate without disturbing any of the surrounding buried infrastructure and “daylight” the desired location quickly and safely without damaging any adjacent services. On completion the excavated material can be reused to reinstate the “day lighted” area.


HSG 47 training, CAT & Genny training, GPR training, Radio frequency locator training, RD training (400,4000,7000,8000), Void location training, Teamleader Training, Utility detection training, Site supervisor training, CAD Training.