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The UK's Leading

Utility Detection & Mapping Services Company

Adien Limited was established in 1997 and is part of PipeHawk plc, a listed company specialising in leading edge detection systems in the field of land mines and utilities detection. Adien standards are the industry benchmark that others adhere too.

Who We Are

Adien Limited was established in 1997 and is part of PipeHawk plc, a listed company specialising in leading edge detection systems in the field of land mines and utilities detection. Adien employs highly trained staff who work in teams, utilising a fleet of custom built vehicles which are fully equipped with the latest detection and surveying technology. Our innovative use of on-site office, computing and communication facilities enables rapid verification of data prior to leaving project sites – uncovering potential issues early.

Why Choose Adien

Do any search on the internet for “ground probing radar” or “utility detection” and you will find other companies appearing to do what we do. One of the reasons for this is the rapid introduction of some GPR systems that are cheaper, but technologically inferior, to the PipeHawk II that Adien use. The result is that there are a number of new entrants out there who can appear quite credible. So why should you choose Adien?

Our range of services

Utility Detection

Site wide utility detection and mapping, Single service tracking, location of water, gas and electricity mains/feeds, Area clearance prior to building, Drainage surveys, draw pit/ pull pit surveys, magnetometry, route surveys, water leak detection, Air side surveys, PAS128 surveys.

CAD Services

Record digitization, Drawing compilation and production, Plotting services, Combined drawing and statutory record packages, Statutory record acquisition, utility plan acquisition, Desktop studies and surveys.

Topographical Surveys

Basic topographical surveys, Full 3D topographical surveys, Boundary surveys, planning applications, elevation surveys, watercourse/ hydrology surveys, Tree surveys, Laser scanning and photogrammetry.

Electronic Trial Holes

Want to reduce costs, time, traffic disruption and safety risks? Want accurate drawings highlighted the precise location of all utilities for future scheme planning purposes?Adien’s radar-based ‘Electronic trial hole’ utility detection system is proven alternative to labour intensive excavation methods virtually eradicating safety, disruption, NRSWA administration and environmental concerns!

Consultancy Services

Feasibility studies, route planning and mapping with design and management, Permit application, Permit to dig systems, Liaison services, Design and management, Asset management.

GPR Surveys

GPR survey, Concrete scanning, Rebar location and mapping, Void surveys, Cellar location, Badger Sett mapping, location of buried structures and foundations, Buried manhole and tank location, Location of UEO (un-exploded ordnance).

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We operate nationally & internationally & have offices in:

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From the UK to Abu Dhabi, Adien have experience across most continents.

Providing a full range of services towards the detection of underground utilities and features for the past 19 years.

Established in 1997

Did you know?

We have driven, over
We have walked, over
We have scanned, over
13,500kilometres of site
4500individual sites

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